Our values


Geographic and human:

  • Mademoiselle Julie is a local business (departments 78-92) and selects local individual workers and firms in order to guarantee availability and maintain a sustainable relationship,
  • Mademoiselle Julie maintains a good relationship with customers and providers alike, based on the bywords «Attention, Confidence and Partnership» to foster loyalty in the working environment.


The key aim of Mademoiselle Julie’s interventions is to provide a quality service at a reasonable price:

  • Quality of reception: availability, listening skills and reactivity
  • Quality of proposal: clarity, stringency and transparency
  • Quality of service providers: professional references, economic and financial data, administrative information
  • Quality of services rendered: competence, experience and know-how
  • Quality of organisation: confidentiality, respect and discretion
  • Quality of follow-up procedures: control, valuation and solutions for improvement

All these aspects are covered by internal control procedures.


Proximity and Quality therefore go hand in hand to join our third commitment, Sustainability: implementation of high quality and sustainable professional partnerships